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Early Cash Out

ELITE Sportsbook wants to put the control of your wagers, in your hands! Once a wager has been placed, this innovative feature allows you to sell back or cash out of your bet at the current price depending on the current status of the wager.

We offer this option on most money line and spread/total wagers that are the same price/line. You can also use this feature as the game is being played live as the system will automatically adjust the cash out value based on the current results.

The value is based on the price and current situation of the original wager. As an example, parlay bet cash-out is based on the result of the legs you've already won. Have a big win coming your way and don't want to risk it, cash out!

To cash out a bet, simply go to your pending wager section. All applicable wagers will have a cash out button with the price next to them. If you like what you see, simply click on the cash out button, confirm your selection and receive your funds immediately.