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Technical Issues

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Elite Sportsbook strives to provide a seamless gaming experience to all of its customers, but due to the technical requirements for gaming, you could experience possible issues in accessing and using our gaming experience and products or services.
Should you encounter any issues while navigating or accessing the website please contact Customer Service Department immediately where one of experienced agents will provide you with the needed support.

Mobile Web, Computer Web and Security
In order to access the website, please visit our URL at from your compatible mobile device or computer, at which point you'll be prompted to download a security plug-in from GeoComply/GeoGuard. Please download and enable the plug-in as location must be known before any wagers may be placed. Once the App has been downloaded,installed and properly run the top left will change to location verified confirming that you've been successfully geolocated and are ready to use the website. If you experience any difficulty with downloading and installing the GeoComply/GeoGuard plug-in, please visit their FAQ site at:

Mobile Web and Security Troubleshooting
Customers can at times have issues with geolocation, please review the following in order to troubleshoot any possible geolocation issues.

  • Please make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on, you don't need to be connected to Wi-Fi but make sure this functionality is turned on.
  • Your IP address must be from within the state of Iowa, if you live close to the state border, you might be assigned one that isn't assigned within the permitted gaming jurisdiction, please contact your internet service provider if this is the case.
  • Some remote areas may not have strong enough Wi-Fi signal to properly triangulate your location.
  • Certain software on your computer such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN's), Remote Desktop's (e.g. team viewer), and Virtual Network Clients (VNC's) may interfere with the geolocation process.
  • Software that allows computers to be controlled remotely, such as Go2Meeting, Zoom or other similar programs must not be running.

Browser Requirements
Elite Sportsbook gaming site can be accessed on all major browsers. Please ensure you are using the latest version of one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari* and Opera.
Certain players using Safari may receive an error that the geolocation plugin as being from an unidentified source. If you experience this error, which may look like the following message, you must acknowledge the error to continue.

What is the optimal screen resolution for accessing the mobile sportsbook?
Due to the responsive nature of our website all screen resolutions handled by compatible mobile devices and computers are supported.

Internet Connectivity
If you experience connectivity issues, check your hardware and local network for resolution, including updating software for your PC, modem and router equipment and the availability of your internet service provider. For the best experience possible, a broadband connection is recommended. If you are unable to access the Internet, please contact your Internet provider.

If you are having trouble with the Elite Sportsbook website follow these steps:

  • Disable pop-up blockers
  • Update your software to the latest version, including browsers, routers and operating systems
  • Make sure you are fully logged in to access all features
  • Check that your firewall is not blocking access
  • Check that your internet connection is working properly
  • Run a SpeedTest on your Internet connection to make sure you have proper data speed
  • Delete cookies and files, close and restart your browser

Should you continue to experience browsing difficulties, please contact our Customer Service Department and we will gladly help you troubleshoot.