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Responsible Gaming

Elite Sportsbook prides itself in offering its patrons a safe and secure gaming experience and endeavors to assist and protect patrons that are at risk to the potential negative effects of gambling through a number of means, including providing guidance on responsible gambling, tools to limit, cool off and exclude yourself from wagering activities and player and age identification.

Please note only members with a Resort Club Account may place an online wager and pursuant to Iowa Codes 13.5 (2) and 99F.4 (22) any person who is on the Statewide Self-Exclusion will not be allowed to wager.

At Elite Sportsbook we believe in betting with your head, not over it! That’s why we believe it’s important that you bet with a cool head and never expose yourself to any financial loss that you can’t afford. If you feel you might have a gambling problem, please call for assistance at 1-800.BETSOFF.

For more information regarding Responsible Gaming please visit:

Quick Tips

If you feel one or more of these statements apply to you, please call 1-800.BETSOFF.

  • I see gaming as a way to make money that I don’t have.
  • I’m betting with funds I don’t have or can’t afford to lose.
  • I feel gambling activities interfere with my day to day life
  • I am in the process of recovering from any type of addiction.
  • I am gambling to escape worry or concern.
  • I can’t stop betting even though I want to.

Want more information? Visit to find out more about gambling addictions and see the below list of contact information for organizations.

Set Gaming Limits

As part of our commitment to keeping a fun and safe gaming environment, our employees are trained on how to recognize problem gaming and how to prevent underage gambling. Additionally, our patrons are able to establish several self-imposed limits that will allow you to have better control of your wagering activity.

Limits can be set at any time and are effective no later than the patron’s next log in. Once a limit is set, you may not increase the limit until the time period that was set expires. You may at any time decrease the limit. Types of wagering limits include:

Deposit Limits: Set the amount of money you can deposit on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Spending Limits: Set the amount of money you can wager on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
Time Limits: Set the amount of time you can be logged on the site on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

Please click here to visit your wagering limits page.

Time-Out Period (Play Break) / Self-Exclusion

As part of our commitment to you, Elite Sportsbook has several options for you to take a break from wagering, be it a short period by registering for a time-out period or, if you feel you need a longer break, we offer several Extended Sports Time-out options. The time-out periods are:

  • Time-Out Period (Play Break): Temporarily suspend your account from 1 to 14 days.
  • Extended Sports Time-Out Period: Set an extended time-out period for sports wagering for 60 months or indefinite.

You may also want to voluntarily add yourself to the statewide self-exclusion list. The statewide self-exclusion program is administered by the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission and will exclude you from all casinos, racetracks and online wagering in Iowa. Additionally, a self-excluded person will be removed from casino and racetrack facilities and online wagering, may be charged with criminal trespassing and will forfeit the right to any and all winnings.

Please click here to visit the IRGC website and find information on the voluntary statewide self-exclusion.

Closing Your Account

If you’d like to permanently close your account, please email us at [email protected] with the subject line Permanent Account Closure along with the information requested to verify your identity and account and we will close your account and send you email confirmation of the account being closed. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please call the support number.

Support Organizations

If you feel you might have a need for help, advice or counseling, you can contact these organization for more information: and 1-800-BETSOFF